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Lincoln Tower


Evacuation and other emergency announcements will be made by alarm, telephone system, or other means. Listen carefully. If your floor is affected, notify other residents on your floor as you are leaving. Go to the nearest stairwell, keeping to the right side (this allows room for fire or police personnel). DO NOT USE ELEVATORS. Respond quickly and calmly. Help those who need assistance. Proceed in an orderly fashion exiting out and moving to an open area at least 50 feet away from the affected building.


Call 911 Give name Give telephone number Give exact location Building Floor Approximate location on floor / unit number Call the concierge desk on 971-888-4103 Ensures emergency personel have access to your building. Inform them if an AED & CPR is needed as they may be able to locate a trained volunteer. Stay with sick or injured person until help arrives.

Power Outage

Determine if the failure is confined to your Unit, your Tower, or it affects the Neighborhood. Use flashlight or headlamp on stairs: there will be limited emergency lighting for up to 2 hours. INTERNAL POWER FAILURE In the event of a power failure, the building has emergency generators to power fixtures in corridors. Certain stairwell and exit lights will also be lit. If you must leave the floor, please do so using the stairs.


Fire Inside Your Unit Unless a fire can be put out within 5 seconds with your or the breezeway fire extinguisher in hand, call 911 and the concierge 971-888-4103 If fire or smoke is a danger, grab Go Bag & evacuate immediately. Close door but DO NOT lock it. Set off fire alarm at nearest breezeway pull station, then exit down the stairs. Fire Outside Your Unit Call 911 and the concierge 971-888-4103 Alarm may sound.


Stay inside: Drop, Cover, Hold On — Be prepared for aftershocks! Check yourself and others for injuries. Use shoes and gloves to protect from broken glass, check for hazards. Shut off water to your unit. Put Go Bag in central location, turn on battery-powered/hand-crank radio to 91.5 FM or NOAA (162.550 MHz–only available on emergencyradios). Post OK/HELP sign outside front door. Leave door unlocked. Check on floor neighbors. Cover toilets and all sinks and shower/tub drains.