Fire Inside Your Unit

  1. Unless a fire can be put out within 5 seconds with your or the breezeway fire extinguisher in hand, call 911 and the concierge 971-888-4103
  2. If fire or smoke is a danger, grab Go Bag & evacuate immediately.
  3. Close door but DO NOT lock it.
  4. Set off fire alarm at nearest breezeway pull station, then exit down the stairs.

Fire Outside Your Unit

  1. Call 911 and the concierge 971-888-4103
  2. Alarm may sound. Expect a telephone robocall to follow with instructions.
  3. Post “HELP/OK” sign outside front door, leave door unlocked.
  4. Evacuate or Stay in Place: residents must decide for themselves whether they should evacuate. This important decision rests with the residents. See below

Fire Evacuation

  1. If fire alarm sounds, evacuation is the best default
  2. If fire alarm stops, return to your unit.
  3. If fire or smoke is on your floor, close door, stay in unit and call 911 to report location of the fire.
  4. If you know the fire is 1-2 floors below or 1 floor above you, evacuate.
  5. If you need additional assistance to evacuate, call 911.
  6. If you evacuate, gather near University Place Hotel parking lot until given an all clear signal.

APTCA Board of Directors Minutes, January 24, 2019:

“While the ‘official’ recommendation is to leave the building by a stairwell (elevators are NOT a safe option even if they should be working), the firemen [from Portland Fire and Rescue, Station 4] noted that the Towers’ concrete construction and open breezeways (no closed hallways) can, depending on the circumstances, offer protection for residents for a significant period of time. If smoke or fire is detected or an alarm sounds, the first choice is to leave the building via one of the two enclosed stairwells. If evacuation is not possible or, for whatever reason, does not seem safe, the door to the resident's unit should be closed (but NOT locked) and a call made to 911 to notify officials of your location. The 'bottom line' according to the Fire Department representatives, is that, in case of a fire, APTCA residents must decide for themselves whether to leave their unit or to 'shelter in place' until told to do otherwise by fire and rescue personnel. A fire risk is considered active as long as an alarm is sounding. The alarm may only be turned off by the fire department, so one may assume that the risk has ended when the alarm stops."

Questions? Contact your Emergency Floor Captain