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Lincoln Exercise Center Two rooms contain a variety of workout machines and weight training devices. . . Sivers Exercise Center A Variety of workout machines and equipment is available. .


There are two lounges available for public events and private parties. Lincoln Lounge On the ground floor of Lincoln the lounge contains a kitchen and public bathrooms. . . Sivers Lounge Located in the Sivers Center the lounge has a kitchen and access to the Sivers Patio. . .

Swimming Pools

Indoor pool in Sivers Center An indoor pool, 40’ x 25’, is open year round inside the Sivers Center Recreational Building. Additionaly there is a sauna and a hot tub in the pool area and full changing facilities. . . Outdoor pool by Lincoln Tower An outdoor pool, 40’ x 20’ is open during the summer months next to the Lincoln Tower. There are loungers available on the surrounding patio and full changing facilities are provided.


Resident Parking Structure Parking for residents is within a three story underground parking structure beneath the plaza linking the three towers. Each of the 418 parking spaces is individually owned and seperately deeded, usually one parking space per unit but owners can trade them or lease them to other owners. . . Guest Parking on the Plaza Level Parking for 53 guest vehicles is available on the plaza level with a permit obtained from the concierge.