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PGE is our electricity supplier, before moving in, visit their website to setup an account.


Xfinity Xfinity, our cable tv supplier, can supply Internet service to residents at additional cost. Current stand alone pricing: Download Upload Monthly Promo 15Mb/s 2Mb/s $52 $30 60Mb/s 5Mb/s $67 $40 150Mb/s 5Mb/s $82 $50 200Mb/s 10Mb/s $97 $60 These prices are discounted to the promo for the first year and you may be able to get the offer extended by calling them each year.

Natural Gas

Natural Gas is available for use in gas fires only. The gas is not individually metered and units that have gas fires share the monthly bill with all other units that have gas fires in their tower.


xfinity A digital cable package is included in the monthly assesment. For additional service and equipment contact xfinity on